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The Needlepoint Book

3rd Edition


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Updated for iOS 8 and featuring new material from the revised 3rd edition of The Needlepoint Book.

Known as "The Needlepoint Bible," Jo Ippolito Christensen’s bestselling classic, The Needlepoint Book, is the one must-have resource for every aficionado of needlepoint. Now updated and in its third edition, the treasured reference guide is available as an app. With this on-the-go app, you'll have all the information you need to learn needlepoint and improve your technique—including more than 430 stitches—right at your fingertips. The numbered diagrams are large, clear, and easy to read and make it easy to follow the stitching path.


  • STITCHES—Step-by-step instructions to create a flawless stitch. Browse stitches by Type, Name and Use.
  • COLOR—Find the perfect color combinations.
  • IDEAS—Get inspired to start your next project

Praise for The Needlepoint Book, 3rd Edition

“If I am ever again asked, ‘If you could only have three needlepoint books. . .’ my answer will include, just as it did the first time, The Needlepoint Book.”
Amy Bunger, from the Foreword

“Even though the book is a reference, the text is enjoyable to read. Sage advice from Christensen and a variety of other needle artists can be found throughout. Any crafter who loves needlepoint should have a copy of this work on their shelf. This is a welcome update to an excellent resource. An essential purchase for handwork collections.”
Library Journal (starred review)

“Christensen has done a masterful job of improving upon her earlier works. As wonderful as they were, this edition is even better: It’s more comprehensive; more clearly describes various facets of needlepoint, and is contemporary. New needlepointers, as well as those with years of experience, owe her a real debt of thanks to this wonderful book. Even if you have one of the first two editions of The Needlepoint Book, every stitcher will want to have a copy of this revised, improved edition.”
Needle Pointers magazine

“If, like me, you are relatively new to needlepoint / canvaswork and want a resource that covers everything, then The Needlepoint Book is for you!”
The Unbroken Thread

About Touchstone:
Touchstone, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, is the home of bestselling and award-winning authors including Philippa Gregory, J.A. Jance, Lisa Unger, Kathleen Grissom, Allie Brosh, and Bethenny Frankel. Touchstone first published The Needlepoint Book in 1976.

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